Cherry blossom

Kirsikkapuisto in Finnish, Cherry Tree Park in english is part of Ruohuvuori in Helsinki. Cherry trees remind me about my wish to travel in Japan and get to know better their culture, their traditions and healing moments of seeing cheery tress blooming.

It is known that in Japan the Cherry tree shows us that life is precious. They are a symbol of renewal, reincarnation, spring, life’s fragility, continuance, rebirth and “hanami” is the name for the cherry blossom festival.

I described in a photo what means cherry tree for me…..see it below:D

It’s not a surprise that Nature invites us to learn many lessons, but somehow we are just postponing to see them….thinking of the right moment. But Cherry trees are teaching us to live the present moment by enjoying our surroundings, our process of blooming and accept ourselves right here, right now, wherever we are.

  • Exercise of the day:
  • Practice self-trust!
  • Set a goal that you can complete it easily
  • Feel yourself in the process by showing confidence, compassion for yourself
  • Trust your gut!
  • Celebrate when the goal is completed. Could be a walk, an ice-cream, a good coffee with a friend etc
  • Start again, bloom again!:D

with love

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