Carpe diem part 2

Once upon a time in Kuopio..... If you come in Finland in the summer (but in my opinion all the seasons have their own beauty) you have to get this experience, one example could be: ✔️have the experience to go to the mökki (summer cottage) -during the summer, Finnish people spend a lot of time… Continue reading Carpe diem part 2


Breathe Nature

Love has many ways to express it. It has its unique mystery. Nature tell us many stories and makes us aware of the present moment. Will you listen to it? How? Just look around and breath every piece of this puzzle called "Amazing Nature".  🤗 Breathe Joy  🤗 Breathe Love  🤗 Breathe courage  🤗 Breathe inspiration  🤗 Breathe compassion  🤗 Breathe… Continue reading Breathe Nature