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Dream your dream

About dreamsHow many times are we discussing about our dreams? How many times it happens that a dream impacts us all day….. Somehow we are stuck there…. Well, I am not an expert in dreams, but researchers said that the dreams have many clues to discover ourselves.Intuitively, I put the intention that for bad dreams… Continue reading Dream your dream

Thank you

Recently I had a cappuccino with a friend. I met her during a project and we stayed in contact. At some point during the discussion she mentioned an interesting thing, at the same time very simple, which impressed me, and I’d like to share it with you: she considers saying thank you consciously as a… Continue reading Thank you

Blank day

It’s ok sometimes if you don’t have ideas to share …’s that time when you let the inspiration to find you:D Today is that day when I let a page blank……ideas will come in the following days, weeks….being in the flow. It’s ok, don’t blame yourself! P.s. Have a look on my Instagram, my project… Continue reading Blank day

My life is like a puzzle

I see my life like a puzzle containing a lot of stories and scenarios represented by small puzzles inside. The process of solving a puzzle seems simple: 🧩you have the puzzle (your story), you choose the picture 🧩You turn the pieces on the face (be honest with yourself) 🧩now you are looking for margins (it’s… Continue reading My life is like a puzzle

Sunshine biking

Today I will tell my story about my bike. When I moved in Ploiesti, my wish was to have a bike and ride it every day to work. But I wanted, from the beginning a special one, good looking, fancy, comfortable, inspirational, easy to ride and a specific brand, Pegas Romania. Pegas was produced in… Continue reading Sunshine biking

Carpe diem part 2

Once upon a time in Kuopio….. If you come in Finland in the summer (but in my opinion all the seasons have their own beauty) you have to get this experience, one example could be: ✔️have the experience to go to the mökki (summer cottage) -during the summer, Finnish people spend a lot of time… Continue reading Carpe diem part 2

Carpe diem (part I)

The country with a 1000 lakes! Yes, you guess it. Finland! We spent almost 3 years here and still so many places to discover, nature shows its mystery and we’re doing steps to blend into the Finnish culture by listening the stories and learning the traditions. Still Finnish language is not so easy to learn… Continue reading Carpe diem (part I)

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