Vanhakaupunki (=Old Town) is a neighborhood and district in Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki was founded in the Vanhakaupunki area in 1550.:D

Last year I saw some winter photos with the iced waterfall and Vantaa River. Immediately I put on my list: places to visit in Helsinki. The time came this year in may 2021. We had a long walk with Echo, our dog and we explored part of this amazing place.

First of all we met the Old Church (no walls, just a silent place surrounded by the rock foundation and covered with history, great energy and a peaceful feeling)……Then we saw the river, the waterfall, some old style buildings transformed in museums. We felt the peace of this amazing place and we promised to each other that we will re-visit soon. We saw couple of nice islands to explore next time. We already feel the connection with this entire place. The photos will tell the story of the day.

My message for today is:

Love yourself!

Love the Nature!

Be kind!

Enjoy simple moments! They will last forever in your heart!

Just Listen!

with love,

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