Conversation with a tree

Imagine that you are a tree or maybe an observer of a tree. Maybe you didn’t see it how it grew up, but now you have the chance to observe, to feel, to see how easily, gently it accepts the change!

Like a tree, we have roots (our family), body (since we come in this life), branches (beliefs, children), leaves (guides, whispers, thoughts), fruits (success, quality moments). Every autumn the leaves fall from branches so gently and slowly touching the ground.

I will show you my trees photos with human shapes, with life outside and inside:D , after a short conversation with a tree.

Maybe the book “Tree Talk” impacted me in a way to understand better Nature and the urgency need to protect her. We know how important is the Nature, but that’s it. We stopped here. We are waiting for others to do things for us, for Nature. But a simple hug for a tree, connecting with this beauty of Nature, helps us to be inspired, to refresh our mind and daily thoughts. Protecting Nature is being aware of what it surrounds you….(another subject for other article).

πŸ‘©-You are so nice tree of life!

🏞-What do you like at me?

πŸ‘©-Hmmm….you are so tall almost touching the sky, your body has a mysterious shape and I really like how your leaves and branches are dancing in the wind.

🏞 –Yes, yes, thank you! But do you like also my heart hole shaped on my body?

πŸ‘©- Where is it? I didn’t notice.

🏞 – Right here, on the left side…in the middle….

πŸ‘©- Oooh, it looks fantastic, I could see inside you…..and how the light is going through…wow, so interesting.

🏞 –Yes, true, but many people are considering this a disease and sometimes I am easily on the list to be cut, just because they think I am weak, it’s not normal to have it. But this hole makes me stronger.

πŸ‘©- Oooh….tree of life….you are so beautiful as you are now, this heart shaped on your body makes you different and mysterious.

🏞 – Just come closer to see me. There is a bird nest, a family with two children. They are singing every 30 minutes. It’s a real joy to listen their song.

πŸ‘©- Wow! They started! I could see a light on the nest like a lamp in the human world also, I could listen the whispers of the wind- are so soft. Amazing! They are so small but a voice for the nature.

🏞 – Yes, so happy to have company every day! Soon my leaves will leave me and some branches too- a storm it’s coming and I’m ready to let them go. Next year, a new life will be born.

πŸ‘©-How interesting! I didn’t know , for you the change seems so simple and normal. In our world, we don’t accept so fast and so easy a change or changes. We are making scenarios all the time. We are afraid of the unknown…..we need time for everything.

🏞 -Just breathe and imagine our world. It’s more healthy, relaxing to feel the freedom by letting go the old beliefs and helping the new branches (beliefs) to grow.

πŸ‘©-Now, I understand. I will start by accepting every season in my life, in my body. In our world it is said quite often “be natural”, so now I understand the true meaning: be as Nature is!:D Easy, soft, patient, ready to change every day, every year, every season! Thank you, so happy to be Here!

🏞 – Now, let our stories be told through you photos!

…….soon more photos about us:D

With love and inspiration!

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