Conversation with Gratitude

Hey hey,

Hope that I find you well, dear reader.

I’m not a frequent writer in online, but I use to write in my agenda almost every day. I like the Nature’s photos telling the story of the day:) on my Instagram and Facebook profile.

Today I choose to write about GRATITUDE.

This period Nature was a great teacher for me. I am an observer of the wind, trees, flowers, leaves, animals, people…..but mostly an observer of myself. I am enjoying all my walks with our dog Echo and it’s interesting how many clues Natures gives us every day. Nature inspires me.

Recently I read from a book (“Tree Talk”) a sentence that I like it very much:

“Responsibility is connected to FREEDOM”.

Trees tell us stories

-What does it mean?

Let’s see….for me it means to give up of my expectations and to take action in areas that it’s necessary for me to be there. –What kind of areas? I don’t know exactly yet or maybe I know and I am doing small steps to succeed. The case is open. I will spend time with myself every day to discover little by little. I have this life to discover:D

Could be also….don’t let the others to decide for you…..Don’t let a tree to be cut just because others want to be rich…..Respect the Nature and Nature will respect you. It just waits to spend more time outside and hear its voice….

Or….maybe to refocus , to rebuild, to redo things and actions and to end the focus of destroying ….-What?What do you want to build?– I don’t know! Something great! –What it’s great for you? Maybe it’s so simple that I couldn’t feel or see or touch….but I know it’s there….And also what it’s great for me is an unique way of myself and it could not be great for the others….-Aha…!- What are your thoughts now?- Well, first a great relationship with myself, my beliefs, my principles. I have my family’s support, so as a start it looks nice. Then to accept the others and also to be an architect of beautiful feelings, to deliver cool ideas, to inspire and be inspired, to participate to the well being of humanity and to re-discover ourselves, to realize that we have so many reasons to be grateful for -starting from simple things. –What are your reasons to be grateful for, dear reader?

Life is full of challenges, it’s an access to real me, real you, dear reader.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s the moment to take ACTION! These times are showing us that a new world is born.


ACT= to act, but in Romania means a contract based on law

I=me, mine, myself, about me, FIRST person

ON=like a light, it’s on! Ready for the new beginning.

Yes! That’s it! ACTION it’s about me, it’s a contract with myself based on the Nature’s law accepting the new rules and also being active since today…….Yeah, I need to process this revelation, for me it was wow when I wrote it down on the paper.

I will let my creative photos to tell a story of Gratitude in a sunny day in Seurasaari, a nice island (air museum) in Helsinki:

“Gratitude is a vibration energy that can change your life”

“Be generous with gratitude for it is contagious”.

with love,



4 thoughts on “Conversation with Gratitude

  1. You are right, my dear!!!
    If I had to list everything that I felt grateful for, it would be a very long
    I say only this: I am grateful having you as my friend ❤️!

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