A year, a moment like a puzzle

For me, 2020 was like a puzzle. How? On many aspects of my life. It was a teacher to remind me to look deep in myself:

  • a test of patience
  • a confirmation to continue to learn
  • courage
  • trust
  • true self
  • family’s moments
  • emotions
  • back in childhood
  • job
  • and so on…you name it!

I think a lot of people wrote about this subject entire year. This puzzle inspired me to write some thoughts and to remind me/you that my/your work with myself/yourself is a infinite process. Never stops!

Living in the present moment , you can put together these pieces of puzzle (stage of your life)….Step by step depending how many pieces it has, how difficult it is, how many details it has. I was amazed by the shape of the puzzle *round shape*, weird pieces and shapes. It has also margins (beliefs) inside the circle, not only usual margins for a normal puzzle. So, it depends of each of us how large we want to extend with the margins (beliefs), how to free ourselves by assuming and accepting ourselves and each other. How? With patience, love and kindness. Simple like that. Mostly, simple things are more challenging than difficult ones.

For me, a puzzle is a great example of Enjoy the journey”.

The result , could be a masterpiece of great feelings and challenging emotions. After the puzzle is finished, I/we have the big picture of my/our work and time….I/we feel gratitude and have a long look at the result, and instantly I/we feel this kind of boost that I/we want to build another puzzle soon. There are an infinite choices to work with puzzles (stages of life) and we are choosing the picture, the result by combining piece by piece (belief by belief).

What’s next?

2021 I am ready for other wonderful and challenging puzzles, if you know what I mean. I am ready!

With love,

Anca Ilie


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