Finland, my home for 4 years

After a year pause of not writing anything on my blog, these days, I found the courage again (there is no clear explanation for me why it took this long).

Last 4 years in Helsinki, Finland were amazing.

Of course, there were times that I struggled, questioning myself: what am I doing here? Why in Finland? What can I do on my professional path, will I ever learn this difficult language? And many other questions are normal for a big change like this: moving from my home country to another one completely different in many aspects.

Somehow I did it. I trusted the process, I had taken small steps and I considered that I need to adapt to the culture, and not the culture to me or people to be like me. 

Find below some spontaneous takeaways and challenges of living in Finland.

💚 Takeaways from Finland

-Nature can teach you many things, so beautiful, so different, so alive.

-People are so polite and I didn’t feel that I am judged for any reason while staying in Finland.

-People don’t rush in Finland. They have time for everything and at some point it felt that they like to stay in a line at the coffee shop :))

-They are having outside activities no matter how the weather is. Especially kids at school playing out in the rain, snow, nature is their friend.

-I felt that women are so powerful and independent.

-Networking is super important. I suggest to you to be open minded and see the importance of networking.

-Everything is digitalized and people are so polite in the public services a  big +++

-There is a continuous feedback about services and how to improve them.

-Finland has an awesome prime minister.

-The country is pet friendly: many dog parks, even beaches for dogs on some islands.

-Sauna and summer cottages are a “must to do” in Finland

Challenges for foreigners

-The Finnish language

-Finding fast a job in your field.

-Weather, sometimes might effect you especially in the winter time: this is the reason why vitamin D is super important all over the year and recommended by doctors.

-Making very fast Finnish friends, you need to be patient.

For me, I felt home, Helsinki will always have a place in my 💜 heart, same as most of my friends living there.

One dear friend of mine told me that “it is ok to have many homes, the home is where the heart is“: these sentence relieved me and I feel that I’m not betraying Helsinki for being in Annecy, and not betraying Ploiesti, Sibiu, for being in Helsinki. Thank you, my dear friend, I think you know who you are. Super grateful to have you.

The amazing capital city, Helsinki with the Baltic sea view, knows how grateful I am for being able to live there and I will return with pleasure every time it’s possible 🙂.

Thank you Finland for being so kind to me. Thank you, my dear friends and people that I met there.

Here is my IG page for more photos:


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