Dream your dream

About dreams
How many times are we discussing about our dreams? How many times it happens that a dream impacts us all day….. Somehow we are stuck there….

Well, I am not an expert in dreams, but researchers said that the dreams have many clues to discover ourselves.
Intuitively, I put the intention that for bad dreams I let it go such as feelings, fears, emotions that can’t be experienced during the day…. (I can’t jump over 2 buildings in my normal life, but In my dream it’s possible + somehow someone is running after me, double fear! :)))
On the other hand, when a good dream impacts me and it happens to remember it, I have a dream journal since 2019 and there are good dreams:)) – from them, I wish to take the mood, the state of being. Always make me smile.

Dreams are pure therapy! This is my thought. We need to take advantage of it and let’s dream our dreams! :))

What kind of dreams make you happy?

P.s. Follow my rainbow project grid on Instagram. The color of the week is green.🙂


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