My life is like a puzzle

I see my life like a puzzle containing a lot of stories and scenarios represented by small puzzles inside.

The process of solving a puzzle seems simple:

🧩you have the puzzle (your story), you choose the picture

🧩You turn the pieces on the face (be honest with yourself)

🧩now you are looking for margins (it’s important to set boundaries with you and with others)

🧩you start to combine the colors by matching the pieces (here, trying to observe the repetitive steps, creating habits and strategies)

🧩step by step the image is bigger and bigger (adding pieces to your personal development makes you more confident)

🧩time is precious (you can choose your moment when you are ready to tell your story, flowing in the process)

It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture

At the beginning of the year, I wrote an article comparing 2020 with a puzzle. Now looking back, I am updating a bit the info saying that it was just a story from a big puzzle. We have infinite options to live our lives, infinite puzzles as part of the big one (with no margins, no boundaries, just a continuous process of solving the small ones).

We all know the benefits of puzzles: learning, focusing, improves good memory, attention to details, good collaboration and teamplay, being in the present moment, a way to feel that you completed a task, a small success).

Puzzle is a way to embrace yourself by according time, patience, focus and good feelings- joy, peace, relaxed.

What’s your story puzzle that you want to solve it? How do you see yourself after 3, 4, 5 years? Is it possible to imagine your big puzzle?

with love,


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