Sunshine biking

Today I will tell my story about my bike.

When I moved in Ploiesti, my wish was to have a bike and ride it every day to work. But I wanted, from the beginning a special one, good looking, fancy, comfortable, inspirational, easy to ride and a specific brand, Pegas Romania.

Pegas was produced in Romania since 1972 , a memorable moment when the first adult model came on the market.

The brand’s logo, the winged horse Pegasus, is borrowed from Greek mythology as a “symbol of poetic inspiration” and of courage, swiftness, and adventurous spirit. One of the plant’s slogans is taken from a letter written by French writer Gustave Flaubert: “Pegasus walks more often than he gallops; talent consists in making him take the desired pace.”

I managed to buy it, with some effort, and good feelings surrounded me when the delivery came to my door. I remember that year, august 2018, I participated in an event called “Tocuri pe bicicleta” (=Hills on the bike). Check my article here. At the end of the autumn 2018, our lives changed spontaneously by moving in Helsinki and I couldn’t fully enjoy my fun bike ride just for a short period!

Since we moved in Helsinki, my thoughts were how to bring the bike here with me. We managed to find a good transportation and in 2021 my bike arrived safe in Helsinki. I can’t express my happiness to have it again and fully enjoy it. People asking me on the street from where I bought it or simply saying how cool it is, solar and joyful. I am smiling and saying proudly that it’s a brand from Romania and managed to bring it here.

Any time when the opportunity comes, I take my bike and do my work or even just exploring Helsinki. I also started to create my own club called Urban Adventures and proposed weekly easy routes for a fun bike ride. My journey continues and decided to show you Helsinki and surroundings on the bike. I feel that nature has a different beauty perspective and I enjoy a lot (riding is fast, precious, fulfilling my heart and soul, refreshing, helping me for exercising and boost my energy by keeping me in the present moment). Cool, right?

Stay hydrated!

Stay tuned!

Nice surprises on the way:D! keep an eye on my YouTube channel!

with love,



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