Carpe diem part 2

Once upon a time in Kuopio…..

If you come in Finland in the summer (but in my opinion all the seasons have their own beauty) you have to get this experience, one example could be:

✔️have the experience to go to the mökki (summer cottage) -during the summer, Finnish people spend a lot of time at mökki (they chill out close to the lake). Usually they own the land or is also the possibility to rent a summer cottage if you don’t have one (for the tourists is a good option to rent)

✔️must have sauna (all the mökkiä have sauna and after that a swim in the lake – winter time is quite interesting – imagine the sauna and the frozen lake). Note: sauna is a “must have” for Finnish people

✔️grilli aika(bbq time), Finnish peruna from the garden (well cooked potatoes and many tasty recipes) then sausages or pihvi (meat) and of course vegetables on the grill

✔️ Try lohikeitto=salmon soup. Very tasty!

✔️you can also take a trip by boat or try an adventure SUP-stand up paddle board (it helps you to keep the balance and strength)

✔️time to pick berries  and go for hiking or even fishing if you are passionate

✔️time to relax, to enjoy the Nature and be connected with the Nature. Just Carpe diem!

✔️ Learn how to say hello (simple way is just “moi”) and say “thank you”=kiitos (finnish language sounds a lot how it’s spelled). They will be your favorites words:D

What could be better than that?=mikä voisi olla parempaa? (finnish way)

Another surprise for you is my new YouTube channel. Today is launching day! Stay tuned! Many stories to tell!:)

Enjoy the beauty of nature and people that surround you with love, gratitude, joy!

with love,

Anca Ilie


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