Carpe diem (part I)

The country with a 1000 lakes! Yes, you guess it. Finland! We spent almost 3 years here and still so many places to discover, nature shows its mystery and we’re doing steps to blend into the Finnish culture by listening the stories and learning the traditions. Still Finnish language is not so easy to learn it and Finnish people know it:), but we are doing steps.

Like any process, we need time to adapt and face any challenge that comes on the way with kindness and compassion for ourselves (first of all). The easy way is to let yourself in the flow by being open to learn and understand things/facts about yourself. Every day, weekend or year, our goal is to discover ourselves and put some pieces of puzzles to our knowledges and experiences. Below I will introduce you into a fantastic world called Kuopio.

We had wonderful experience in the middle of Finland, Kuopio with our dear friends and their family.

“Kuopio is a Finnish city and municipality located in the region of Northern Savonia (Pohjois-Savo). It has a population of 120,248  which makes it the 8th most populous city in Finland and the most populous city in Eastern Finland Province. Kuopio is the current European Region of Gastronomy. It is also known as home of Kalakukko, a traditional food of Savonia, which is why Kuopio is also known by the nickname the “Promised Land of Kalakukko”. source: wikipedia

We traveled by train together with our dog Echo (we stayed in train cart for pets) and our friends aprox 4h30min trip. I can say that I am proud of Echo, he behaved so nice during the journey- a big sign that he gowned up:D The weather was very nice, after so many hot days in Helsinki, finally we found 23-25 degrees and we could sleep in the night. Words can’t describe gratitude, good vibes, beauty of the place and people.
Better option is just to let the photos tell the story.💯

I want more experiences like this. I felt that I lived every second, every breath.
My heart and soul are full of joy, gratitude and with battery full charged 😍🙏✨
Echo was so happy to stay most of the time outside and to enjoy the time with the other 2 dogs: Liinu and Nökkö.

Now I let the photos to tell the story that will continue also next week. Stay tuned! Nature tells us stories.

with gratitude,



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