Butterflies and Faith

My message is very simple today! But needs time and presence to understand it as part from the process of life!

It is said that: “Butterflies count not years, but moments and they have enough time. Maybe patience is the key, a good way to accept people, situations, life in general by observing these tiny beauties-butterflies- enjoying their time, dancing through life, living every second connected to the nature.

Having faith and being in the flow, I do believe that miraculous things will happen.

My proposal exercise for today is:

~Take a paper and a pen

~write down 10 things /moments/people you are grateful for. Showing gratitude daily is pure therapy

~it takes just 10 minutes or less.

I will do the same before to go to bed and put the paper in my magical box with cards and letters, but first, I will go outside for a walk, the street invites me to enjoy the smell of the linden trees and also close by is a roastery that almost every day I feel the smell of the coffee on the street. Already I told you 2 reasons that I am grateful for….. today.


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