Hope for new beliefs

On our street, it started weeks ago the process of demolition of some buildings. It is a continuous noise, hard work for the workers, dust….During my walks I took these photos (have a look below) coming up with some thoughts:

These buildings are like our old beliefs… At some point is time to rebuild them. How? With hard work, noise in our head, embracing the process and receiving signs that we are on our path- showed so nice in this photo (where the rainbow is, there is hope). We destroy the old structure, clean the place and start to build something beautiful which over years needed to be updated, reviewed, re-consider.
We are surrounded by stories, clues to do things differently. Here depends about our openness and courage to start the process.

Do you feel sometimes overwhelmed or demotivated? What do you do different to regain your motivation? What are your tips?
Looking forward to learn from your experience ✨✨✨

You will never find a rainbow if you are looking down.

Healing thoughts and peace,


One thought on “Hope for new beliefs

  1. I always try to listen my fav music, eat good food and meet with best friends that instantly improves my mood. But I think main thing on top of those is try to stay present, and try to do the things i need to do without caring of my mood, free from emotions or weather or right conditions, because for me when my tasks are piling up completing them later is always harder and demotivates me:)) It is hard to apply this to my daily life sometimes but I am trying my best :)) great blog and pictures! ❤️

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