Rhododendron day

We chose to visit and enjoy Alppiruusupuisto (Rhododendron park)-botanical garden in Helsinki, in the district Haaga, Finland.

The plant is originally from Asia or South of Africa. It is known that are 30 different varieties of rhododendron.

The Haaga Rhododendron Park is a public park with many types and varieties of rhododendron. The park was used for research purposes , kind of experiment to adapt the plants for the Finnish climate. It’s a magical place and well known as attraction among locals.

Stay as rare and radiant as rhododendron.

Tashi Namgyel

First impression? Pure magical place, colorful, enjoying the silence and the song of the birds, brings joy, quality moments, nature’s stories. I didn’t create any expectations…I just wanted to see and feel this place. No words can describe it.

In the floral language, rhododendron says:

Everything will be better because of you!

What the flower of rhododendrons says?

You make everything much more beautiful!

In Germany, for example, the flower is given to welcome visitors. Interesting, right? I could feel that brings joy and happiness. Nature tells us many beautiful stories.

What rhododendron means for me:











Once upon a time


What does rhododendron mean for you?

with love,

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