The heart of all ages-childhood

I will dedicate this article for Children’s day. Happy birthday!

The quote by Lucian Blaga -a famous poet, philosopher, playwright, poetry translator and novelist in Romania-shows us how wonderful is the childhood.

Childhood is the heart of all ages!

Lucian Blaga

I will introduce you into my world by telling the story of my photos related to Children’s day. How? Read the description of my photos starting from your left to your right. Get in the flow!

What’s your story? What inspires you?

Find reasons to smile and feel joy!

with love,

One thought on “The heart of all ages-childhood

  1. Wow great photos and what a beautiful message.
    You make me realise there are philosophers and poets who are equally famous in their own cultures and language. We tend to only know those are made famous by awards based in the USA, UK or France. Love to know more about your culture and famous literary works.

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