Silence, sunset, cheerfulness, power and courage

Some days are like this….Silence… words…..just being….especially when the sun rises…when the trees are receiving the sunrays and my Echo is full of Joy and Lego buildings show their color.

Sunset through my eyes. Nature in the middle of the city! What could be better than this?

The crocus ( brandușa) is a symbol of cheerfulness, youthfulness, success and truth- it’s a celebration of the spring.

Let the wind spread my hair (power)!

Courage to grow no matter how harsh the environment is! An example of beauty in the chaos! Nature tells us stories.

Here I recommend to you “The Call to Courage”:

Every day sounds like a cup of coffee! Enjoy seconds, minutes, hours, days…..enjoy yourself with a good coffee! What’s your favorite sound?

Coffee whispers

With love and joy of a child,

This toy was on the street, on the rock, saying hello to people:))! It made me smile and I couldn’t ignore it, I had to take a photo.

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