Among the words

Our new location brought us closer to this beautiful island called Mustikkamaa (Blueberry land). It was established in 1921 and it covers around 36 ha.

This sunny day invited us to explore it more. Imagine :D, this summer it will be my second home……so many trees, water around, birds, a generous beach with sand . It’s also close to Korkeasaari (a zoo island with different types of animals and many spaces to rest and enjoy). Echo is more than happy. The island has two big dog’s parks (for small and big dogs). A real chance to make many dog friends.

I’ll continue to remember you that “nature tells us stories”. New beautiful shapes of trees come in front of me…what do you see?

Make your own story. It’s a good exercise to engage our mind to live the present moment.

Everybody is talking about the present moment. But do you really live it? Or you are thinking in the past or what to do next?

For me it’s also sometimes difficult to be in the present moment and it’s a great success for me when I’m realizing that I am not. When I am aware, I start to breathe and talk with my mind that it’s time to be present: I am here and now. It’s not always easy…..

What is time for you?

How will you describe your time or time in general?





For today, let’s:

~give a chance to the nature and listen to it

~write a letter to ourselves or loved ones by expressing our gratitude

~smile more often

~feed our mind with nice and gentle thoughts

~listen and support each other

~dream big even though the actual situation might be a challenge

~cuddle our pet

~write in a diary our feelings and “to do” list

~clean our home by cleaning our mind

~create small communities and do small steps for a Dream World

~……..Let’s be in the present! said time

Enjoying a tasty afternoon by listening music:

Romanian song- Among the words

with love,

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