The tree with the mask

Nature tells us stories! This is my motto!

I do believe that if we want to see what it surrounds us, we will see. Sometimes I need a second to feel connected, sometimes hours…sometimes days…but most of my walks with Echo, our dog, bring me value and help me to organize my mind and feelings.

This tree just caught my eye during our walk. You can see a mask on its body. This mask makes it beautiful, different. For me it was a clear message from nature. We all wear masks to be “good”, “nice”, for who??? For society! It’s a carpet that we put on us not to feel, not to be judged, not to be hurt……This is the easiest way: wear a mask- to have this accessory! The result: not happy with yourself.

The tree: This is me: grounded, tall, full of life in the spring, loving my imperfections, ready to receive….

Me: What do you want to receive?

The tree: Ohhh, I can tell you stories….but first of all, I want sun rays on my face. They will sculptured me in a true me. I’m the one with the light.

Me: What else?

The tree: I want to sing with the birds, dance with the wind. I am ready to bloom together with flowers that surround me, with their magic perfume……

Silence ……just feel

Yesterday I surrounded myself like this tree with joy and smiles when I saw in the morning at my door a postcard from a good friend from Romania. A piece from Romania came to me with a wonderful message written:

” ..…Be this explosion of joy, friendship and love! Be a spring every day!”

I let you dear reader with these thoughts!

For today, my recommendations are:

~ There is a movie on Netflix that could be a inspiration for you how to live as simple is possible. You are not the things, you have those things—-that maybe need some re-distribution.

~Spend more time outside, be connected with the nature!

I’ll let you here a song that I like a lot!

~ I am not a fan of games :D, but my husband showed me this game and I really like it. We are playing together when we have time. I like the graphics, the story, the gameplay 😀

with love,


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