Letting go

For me, february was a month of re-organizing,re-inventing, re-thinking, re-considering…..

What do you mean? said the voice in my head.

I mean, I assumed to put Re- in front, cause being in the process of moving to another rent apartment, I made space for the new energy that will embrace us. So welcome March, be amazing!:D

I thanked to any corner and space from the old apartment, I let go things that we did not need anymore …I was in the present moment to let go and do it consciously. Still the process of working with ourselves is forever, but it’s important to do these small steps, that sometimes we are postponing ……Why? because the human resistance to change is incredible! Still a mystery for me.

I believe that cleaning is working very well. It’s kind of a hobby. Sometimes, I can’t work for my projects if the home is not clean…guess what!

  1. First cleaning
  2. My ritual coffee with a cookie to enjoy the moment of seeing our home…so fresh, so beautiful and not forget to burn some Palo Santo sticks.
  3. Starting to do my tasks.
  4. Playing with our dog in between. He’s participating actively in the process of cleaning, he thinks that we are playing with him, so most of the time I treat this process of cleaning like a play of joy.
  5. Almost every time I let go something during the process of cleaning. When I am doing this, I say thank you and let go….but it depends….sometimes I forget to say thank you and I remember few hours after.

I believe that each person has its own way to follow the process of letting go. I’m sharing with you what it works for me.

My recommendations:

~ This amazing book called “Letting go” by David R. Hawkins , mine is in Romanian language. Every time when I am opening it has some answers to my questions

~After cleaning or every time when I feel I use Palo Santo sticks to bring freshness in our home

~I liked a lot “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” Tv-series on Netflix. I like when she’s connecting with the spirit of the home where the process of cleaning is starting. Her idea is to have things, clothes or whatever in our places that spark joy! Be grateful for how you used them and let go. Keep just those that are fulfilling your hear and soul.

When people lead busy lives, their homes sometimes become cluttered with things piling up over time. In this series, renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo tries to help folks declutter their homes — and their lives. Whether she’s helping a harried couple with young children become more organized or showing a retired couple how to reclaim their space, Kondo assists her clients in clearing out the clutter and choosing joy in a series of inspiring home makeovers.

~Nature is embracing us with love, joy and good thoughts. The Hug Tree.

In the end, happy International Woman’s day (8th of March)! Have a wonderful spring! Don’t forget to smile, to dream and be magic!

With love,


One thought on “Letting go

  1. beautiful once again. I clean too when I am thinking about a painting. I clean the studio, the house, the garden and I just go on and on. Nice to know you do too Anca

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