Dragobete, Romanian holiday

Today it will be a short article about Dragobete, a special day celebrated in Romania which brings a lot of love.

Dragobete is a Romanian holiday that is celebrated on February 24th, each year. In the traditional Romanian mythology, Dragobete was a young god of the autochthonous pantheon, but whose celebration date varied from one historic region to another. He is the patron saint of love and cheerfulness and is oftentimes associated with Roman mythology’s Cupid and Greek mythology’s Eros. But unlike the aforementioned gods of love, Dragobete did not directly intervene in the affairs of humans. He did not use his powers to make people fall in love, but rather to always remind people to never stop celebrating love.” I found a great article about Dragobete, hope that you like it. Read more here

We have a lot of traditions in Romania that tell stories to reflect on, but the most amazing part of Romania is Nature… will fall in love instantly.

My recommendations for today:

~ our last visit in Romania was in autumn 2019 and can’t wait to be allowed to travel again 🙂

~ Just enjoy and travel with your eyes and soul

~ This music is relaxing me every time, also it’s an inspiration for me when I need to focus on something or to write something. My peace is in the forest where is life, among the Trees.

with love



One thought on “Dragobete, Romanian holiday

  1. Thank you Anca for such an informative piece about Romania. Never knew of romanian mythology so found it interesting. And I also want to visit Romania one day. Beautiful place. ❤️

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