How it feels?

Since January, in Finland, are very low temperatures.

During my walk with Echo, in a sunny day, something came into my mind. I checked the phone. It showed -16 degrees, but it feels -23 degrees. I told to myself: Ohh, wow! again Nature shows me a message! In my head resonated the verb “to feel” associating with my life, our lives….

For example, if you are sad and I can see on your face that something it’s not ok….I just can imagine how you really feel. For you, could be a hidden pain with a high level of intensity…..that only you can measure it exactly…What your heart is saying about it? Could be very interesting to cross the boundaries and to have a honest dialogue with yourself, with the pain. Nothing to loose, just a way to understand yourself.

I do believe that Nature is telling stories about ourselves. We just have to be there- in the present moment to “catch” the message, the story.

To conclude, today, I have for you some recommendations:

~a nice exercise that I want to do it today is to write down my qualities that can help others, to write them on the paper and place them somewhere you can see it, and remember that we are all related in love.

Sunrays on my paper

~I also want to inspire you with these beautiful photos of Nature. To see the Baltic Sea frozen- is a wish came true. My photos are showing gratitude, joy, freedom, inspiration, magic moments. How I really feel? ooo….I can’t explain in words…the intensity of these feelings was at maximum for me.

~ I remembered that recently I re-watched a movie “Inside out”- it explains very nice the voices in our minds, how we create patterns, how we always return in our comfort zone, how we let sadness to have her stage and how important it’s to be aware of the other person’s feelings. Relationships are our magic mirror-an extraordinary way to grow. Hope you like it.

Dear reader, I wish you an inspiring day!

With gratitude,



One thought on “How it feels?

  1. Thank you Anca you have really helped me see a better positive light in Finnish nature in winter. Thank you. ❤️. You are amazing the way you are so full of sunshine

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