Shiny meeting

Today is a good day to have a great day! ooh, sunny day! oooh, frozen Baltic Sea!

It’s very interesting how we connect each other. I met Simmi in an online international course last year. She is absolutely lovely and kind. We stayed connected all this time. She is a water lover and she was impressed by frozen Baltic Sea. Yesterday she announced me that if I have time she wants to meet me and to introduce her to the frozen Baltic sea. My pleasure, I said, very exciting to meet you in person!

Today I was like a child: full of joy and an enormous smiley face. Simmi inspires me in many ways. She is a mandala artist, she puts her soul in her art. I saw, I felt her mandala art through her eyes and from another perspectives. Unique and inspiring! My dreamer’s eyes told me that we all can create a Dream World using our unique gifts!

During our online messages and today, in our short discussion, I felt that I’ve always known her (so many lives ago).

We need human touch! I wasn’t able to hug Simmi, we wanted to keep us safe, but hope that soon it will be possible.

Again I realized how much we need each other, we need people around us to see ourselves through them. In my opinion there is just good and challenging moments (I avoid the word bad, because i’s not about this…’s more like to accept that a change is needed and we could not see it yet). Humanity is based on relationships, we are a mirror for each other. Today I saw a nice mirror that Simmi showed me: Joy, Joy, Joy, shining friendship, inspiration, presence, continuous discovering myself.

Simmi, odotan tavata sinut uudelleen (=can’t wait to see you again)!!! Kiitos paljon tästä päivästä! (=thank you very much for today)!

My recomandations for today are:

~listen this beautiful song. I posted so many times on my blog, but I will do it again and again…:D…yes, we are all related in LoVe.

~visit Simmi’s page. You will find it amazing if you are passionate about art and meditation or just curiosity for appreciating art.

Simmi’s page.

~read a valuable book: “The game of life and how to play it”, Florence Skovel Shinn (it was written in 1925). I have Romanian version (“Jocul vietii si cum sa il joci”), every time when I open the book it reveals to me something to reflect on…..

A valuable book to have

~and my fresh photos from today. Enjoy! Nature smiles to you!

with love,



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