Joy of sending letters, postcards

Hand writing is the star of the week again:D. Last week we talked about our relationship with ourselves, today, with the others.

Since I was little I was fascinated about sending/receiving postcards (I like paper and colors) even though at that moment I didn’t know to write or read. I remember that I checked daily my mail box (some days it was empty, other with bills and sometimes with postcards from my aunt from Hateg-Romania and my cousin or my aunt and uncle from Germany). I can’t explain how fascinated I was. Also I noticed that my neighbor who worked at Post office, she received letters, postcards very often (and of course usual bills). I imagined many times stories from abroad, images and thoughts about her postcards.

When I grew up, I realized that this is my stamp to show to my family and friends my love and my gratitude. I started to create handmade cards, to buy cards and postcards for their birthdays and special moments in their lives. And all the time I enjoyed the process and brought me Joy by offering to them.

In Finland I received a double confirmation, Finnish people appreciate hand made cards, postcards and they use to offer them especially for holidays and special moments. It’s WOW this process. What a valuable gift to be offered.

Giving and receiving good energy is a magic “stamp” that we are making to ourselves and to the others.

Why letters? Why postcards?

Yes, I know, you could say that are many channels to communicate now, but trust me, the feeling is not the same. Let’s go out from our routine and do things differently sometimes. For me, it’s a strong bond for a relationship. It’s a stage of gratitude and sparks of joy.

Just some “thank you” examples. Amazing, right?

Now, I invite you, dear reader to make a list with people that you love and to surprise them with a letter, a postcard, hand made card. They could live in the same city like you or same country or abroad, no limits! Imagine the moment when they will check their mail box and see your postcard. Great feeling, right? Take care of their birthdays and special moments. We don’t need expensive things/gifts to be happy. This is a simple act, but it covers a thousands of feelings.

Result: You will appreciate yourself and you will understand that you put your energy there (a part of you is travelling) and on the other side you will be appreciated and who knows? Maybe the letter or the postcards are coming at the right moment, for the right person, at the right place, in the right day- in a moment that, for example, your sister, need support or a word or some kind thoughts.

Some of my ideas for dear people:

with love,



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