What I’m learning from Echo

Hey, I am hoping that everyone is ok and you found ways to go through this global situation. Stay Safe! If you take care of you, instantly you take care of the others.

My goal is to bring some smiles on your face by entering in my world. Since I was a child I loved dogs. Last year came in our lives our dog, Echo. He is one of our sunshines, our daily piece of joy. One of my dreams came true having him. He is full of joy, sometimes I believe that dog’s life is magical: no expectations , just enjoying the present moment. I used to say to my husband that Echo’s eyes are like an unknown Planet, so mysterious. What do you think?

Going forward I will summarize 7 things/attitudes/aspects that Echo changed to me and still changing. He has a “secret mission” in our family:)) so I am paying attention to learn every day.

1.Patience– still working with it. Echo is so energetic -as a dog breed he is a hunter-has a great personality and sometimes or almost all the time it is really hard for me to manage his curiosity, for example in our walks he always chooses his way not mine. Also at home he used to break, to eat my correspondence -he did it twice -(and many other examples). I tried to show him that I am upset, but I can’t stay upset on him, he is trying all the time to do something funny to change my mood because he knows that he was wrong. It is his way to tell, to show me that he is sorry by trying to move my attention from what I think, and what really matters in life, BE PATIENT!

2.Responsability-we are treating him as part of our family with the same rights. It is our responsibility to have time for him and to help him grow healthy and happy. BE RESPONSIBLE!

3. Management of time-We are discussing all the time our work program to be sure that Echo is covered, so he will not stay alone many hours. Also during this global period, we used to discuss his program and now we are thinking how we could manage the situation after the virus is gone, how we can help him not to be stressed. I think he is wondering why we are home all the time with him:)) I noticed that he has some habits every day. It is really nice to be an observer. BE ORGANIZED!

4.Play– he is awesome. I think everybody who has a pet understands me. For us our dog is the cutest dog in the world and it is cool to think like this, why not? He has his own program of playing. In a spontaneous way he is coming to me with a toy and he is inviting me to play, to pay attention to him. Sometimes I think he has the 6th feeling because I do not realize that I need a break from what I am doing. So his invitation is welcomed. PLAY AS A CHILD!

5.Present moment. For Echo doesn´t matter that it´s cold outside or windy. He just wants to spend cool time by inviting me, people and other dogs to play. I believe that he knows to smile:)). He is full of joy when he receives a new toy. For him is the BIG PRIZE! We are also counting the days until the toy is destroyed, but this is another subject:))BE PRESENT IN YOUR LIFE!

6.Socialization with Finnish people– for me it is a good way to practice my Finnish language when I am with Echo in the dog´s park (koirapuisto in Finnish) or on the street. Dog´s owners, most of them are speaking in Finnish and of course if I don´t understanding something I am speaking English. But it is a good reason to have a close touch of Finnish culture.NETWORKING!

7.Creativity– Echo inspires me in many ways. This is the reason why he has his own Instagram page. Most of his photos are spontaneous and he started to listen me when I want to take him a photo. I found it so cool how amazing it is our connection. BE CREATIVE!

Every moment he is doing something funny, also when he is sleeping. He is finding funny spots in our place and also I am just curious about his dreams. He is sometime so expressive during his sleep.

I put these 7 things, ways, attitudes to realize how a small animal could change my life and how important it is to live the present moment and don´t let your thoughts to take control of the moment.

Here is his Instagram page: echo_thebeagle if you have the curiosity to follow him. I promise you that we will try to be creative:D and spontaneous.

Meet Echo! Part of his thousands of photos:))

with love,

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