Our first days in Finland

           I am excited that I am writing my first article in  English. Our “journey” in Finland is full of good challenges  and I  needed time  for me to gather my ideas.  Anyway, first day, the sun was with us -almost all the time and we brought it from Romania:).  I considered it a gift in creating our Finnish way…….as a blessing!:)

          It is said that a picture says more than a thousands words. So, I let the photos  tell the story….

Nice to meet you, Baltic Sea
Now you see me
Here I am
Snow and sun
Our first morning coffee in our temporary home
Thank you Claudalie art&craft
Snow and joy
  Autumn and Winter together
For the moment, I introduced you in my world……new articles soon!:) Stay tuned!

Kiitos! (means Thank you and until now it’s my favorite word in Finnish language.

With Love for people,

Anca Ilie

Anca Ilie


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